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i have a GS-1920, Synology-NAS as DHCP-Server and some Acess-Points.
Now i would like to seperate WLAN into 2 SSIDs with VLAN. The Accesspoints supports VLAN and i created 2 SSIDs with VLAN16 and VLAN 15. Now i would like to connect the VLAN16 to the DHCP-Server.
Therefor i configured the switch like:
Port 1: connected to AP -> fixed VLAN16 with TX Tagging, no PVID configuration
Port 2: connected to Synology (DHCP-Server) -> fixed VLAN16 without TX Tagging, PVID configuration only PVID=16

When i connect to the WLAN with VLAN16 i do not get a ip form DHCP-Server. I can ping from AP to DHCP-Server.
Do i have to configure a dhcp relay?

Thanks for help


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    Hello @tsaenger

    Welcome to the Zyxel community!

    Based on your description, it seems nothing obviously wrong regarding the configuration since you even ping from AP to NAS.
    We wonder if you have any other switch setting associated with DHCP? such as DHCP snooping?
    Perhaps you can provide the configuration file to us (by PM) for troubleshooting?

    We look forward to your feedback, thanks.