ZyWALL USG60 no port forwarding when dual WAN

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Hi all,
that's the problem: when the USG60 is connected with a single WAN the port forwarding works flawlessly; when I plug in the second WAN the forwarding is not working anymore.
The port forwarding rules are configured ok, maybe the problem is related to the dual WAN failover capability?
To make work the WAN failover I followed the instructions of the official video on YouTube ZyXEL channel:

Any ideas?
Thank you!

P.S. One more info: there's a typo in my nickname, I searched everywhere to change it but I found nothing...!

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    Hi, I'm not sure but I think that the WAN failover is only for outgoing traffic. For port forwarding in the NAT configuration you only specific one incoming interface, if you have a second WAN link you need create the rule for this too.

    incoming interface: WAN 1 -> external port 4444 -> internal port 3389 -> internal ip
    incoming interface: WAN 2 -> external port 4444 -> internal port 3389 -> internal ip

    I think that if your inbound trafic is from the WAN1 and your failover is directing the outgoing traffic to the WAN2 the port forwarding will not work. For port forwarding the traffic should occure in the same WAN for inbound and outgoing traffic.

    Correct me if I can go wrong.

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