Editing defaut UA page on USG2100 breaks CSS

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Brand new USG2100 with 4.18(AATD.1) firmware.

Scenario : free login with simple customized (text and logo) user agreement. Table or CSS structure not modified in file.

Encountered issue :
Editing the default User Agreement file is impossible without breaking the whole CSS style (page appear in plain mode without pictures nor styles).

Tried the following :
Download the default_ua, rename the zip then reupload it and switch to this new UA : works OK, style and content is correct and identical to defaut UA..

Download the default_ua, and with updated notepad++, simply change the titletextword text by for example test. Save the file, repack the zip with the other files, reupload and switch to it : CSS login page is then broken. When clicking to View Mobile Version, redirected to admin login page, not UA mobile page.
Tried to force encoding of the modified file to UTF-8 without BOM, with BOM and ANSI, got same result : CSS is still broken.

Pages are shown ok when opened locally from the edition computer's browser.

Could not find a way to make any modification to the ua files without breaking the CSS !

Help please !

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  • JeanValjean
    The answer was quite simple : the external_user_agreement_example zip file that is downloadable with the download button on the bottom of the page is not up to date with the default_ua used.

    A winMerge showed lots of difference beetween the respective html files. It seems the example was not updated along with latest firmware. Modifications do work with the use of the default_ua.zip as a work base.

    Conclusion :
    download and use the default_ua.zip from the top of the list, DO NOT USE the external_user_agreement_example.zip that can be downloaded on the bottom of the page.

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    Regarding to this case, I double confirmed it internally, and there are some differences which I mentioned before. Therefore, please ignore my previous post:).

    Let me explain again what is the difference between "”default_ua.zip” and “external_user_agreement_example.zip”.

    The “external_user_agreement_example” is for external web server but not for build-in http server.

    So that’s why the web page cannot display correctly if you uploaded “external_user_agreement_example” to UAG directly.

    It's good to know the reason and match with your conclusion.


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