ZyWALL 110, GS1900-24E and GS1200-8E vlan setup

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I'm looking to create some vlans to separate all these Internet of Things from our home network. It's not clear to me where I should originate the vlans or do I set up the same vlans on all devices? In reading the switch manuals they are the specific to the switch but don't mention how the ZyWALL fits in and vice versa.

For example I have a couple GS1200s that will have a few devices directly plugged in and many devices that connect via APs I'll have plugged into the GS1200 as well.

Device I want to isolate -> Isolated AP ->GS1200 -> GS1900 - ZyWALL 110

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    I would create the VLANs on the Zywall and then propagate down the network from there. The zyxel will then control the routing and access between vlans if needed.
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    Can you share the information of full network topology that you want to implement? What kind of the connection will be connected to GS1200?