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I have a USG 310, firmware version V4.31(AAPJ.0).
While UTM Antivirus serivice is active (security policy "LAN_Outgoing" rule), many of xlsx files attached to emails are corrupted, even if they are compressed into a signle .zip file.
If I disable UTM Antivirus service and retrieve the same e-mail again (for example from webmail service), the same files are all ok. Same issue with POP3/IMAP mail clients.
I note the same issue also with files downloaded from FTP sites, they often are corrupded while UTM Antivirus service is enabled.
Any help will be appreciated.

Sorry for my bad english.




  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @Pavanix

    We have fixed similar issue in 4.33 FCS firmware.
    You can send me your configuration and test file by private message, I can help to verify it first.
  • Pavanix
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    Hi Stanley,

    thank you very much for the answer.
    We will try to update as soon as possible.
    Unfortunately for internal policies we can't send you the configuration file but i' ll let you know if after the firmware update the problem will be solved.

    Thank you again



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