samsung mobile phone (j7, S7) and iphone do not receive or send multimedia files by WAC6503D-S, what

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I bought about 16 WAC6503D-S access points, I configured a 2.4Gh network and a 5Gh network.
Testing with huawei mobile I have no problem, when I connect a samsung device (J7 Prime and S7 Edge), I do not download any multimendia file, the same thing happens with Iphones.
I thought it was going to be some problem with the WIFI protocol but the S7 and the HUAWEI P10 handle the same and even then there is a problem with the Samsung

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    Below are some points I think helpful to clarify this case:

    1. Can iPhone and Samsung access the Internet with correct DNS/Gateway settings?

    2. Are all devices connecting to the same SSID, or multiple SSID with different settings? 

    BTW I wonder if this issue only happened on specific one, or all of the APs? And how do you managed these APs?
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    Hi @yahurtado
    what's your network topology?
    Have you check the Ethernet performance? Is there any rate limit set on the gateway or controller?
    Do you enable DCS to let radio select the clear channel?