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Let's put the following scenario:
I have a USG110 and I have one static public IP address X.Y.Z.T and I want to do forward (virtual server or NAT 1:1) based on the FQDN, so that an external DNS will have: -> X.Y.Z.T -> X.Y.Z.T
Then the USB110 should forward to or to depending on the FQDN.
Is it possible? all the documentation only talks about Virtual Server or NAT attached to an External IP and not to a name.
Thanks in advance!

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    So, maybe the only way is to have a internal apache/nginx proxy forwarding to the correct host based on FQDN?

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    I think it's not support.
    Since the NAT only process the IP & port layer. 
    It's need application layer proxy function to support HTTP request redirect or re-write.

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    With the move to SSL it be harder to do but I get what your thinking would be like Ian31 said for HTTP where the USG spits the SYN to both servers both SYN,ACK then ACK and waits for the Hypertext for HTTP://at to then sends traffic to that server....even then that might not work with timestamps so the USG would need to be a proxy doing the SYN, SYN,ACK and ACK to get the Hypertext for HTTP://at  to then connect to the right server.  
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    Fantastic! It would be great if this could be implemented, I'm liking the idea and ask to everyone who is interested to like it as well.
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    Any news on this? I would need this option now..

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