Syslog Server to collect trafic on WAN interfaces

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As I understand, the only one way to collect info about trafic (total inbound and outbound bytes) on interfaces is to use syslog server. Can you tell me which "Log category" i should choose?
Network have more than 520 USG40 devices. Some devices In WAN Zone have WAN1 interface and some devices in WAN Zone have Cellular interface. How to collect info about total trafic (inbound+outbound) in bytes on WAN interfaces on each device?
Thank you.


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    Hi @Vadim  

    You can enable “Interface Statistics” in log function.

    It will send all of interfaces current Tx/Rx to syslog server.

    Or you can use SecuReporter server.

    It can display TxRx for last 24 hours or last 7 days on server.

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    Hello Stanley,
    Glad to see you again.
    Thanks for explanation about syslog I'll chek it.
    I have a few queations about SecuReporter:
    1. From which firmware version usg40 supports SecuReporter or it doesn't matter? We use a custom firmware ver. 4.20 and there is no SecuReporter field.
    2. SecuReporter is a cloud based software. Is it possible to deploy SecuReporter like a CloudCNM as a VM in a privet network with 520 devices?
    3. Where I can find a manual about how it work (link)? What I need to configure at devices (protocol : port) to gain access to the cloud with SecuReporter?
    Thank you.

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