NWA1123-AC: What's username/password?

sakuragaoka Posts: 3
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I have a NWA1123-AC with firmware version V2.12(AAOX.0). I backed up my config, but after reloading it my personal username and password don't work anymore. Neither do the default credentials, as in admin/1234. What's going on? They only way out it seems is by resetting the device, but that's defeating the purpose of being able to back up the config. What can I do?

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  • It seems to be a problem with the type of browser I'm using. With the Internet Explorer everything works just fine, above problem occured only when using Google Chrome.
  • Winnie
    Winnie Posts: 26  Freshman Member
    Hi @sakuragaoka

    Have you try to clear Google Chrome's cookies?
  • Thank you for your suggestion which makes a lot of sense indeed. I haven't tried it out (yet) though, because it worked with IE, and also because I usually hesitate to clear my cookie cache. Thanks again. 
  • livealive
    livealive Posts: 23  Freshman Member
    Or try to use the seamless window(incognito window mode)of Google Chrome to access AP's GUI with your personal username and password, it should also be solved this situation.
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