IPSEC Site-to-Site an Dial-In L2TP simultaneously?

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my VPN100 is configured to maintain a permanent site-to-site IPSec connection with another site. Works like a charm.
Now I wanted to add L2TP for Dial-In users. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work, it seems like the VPN100 does not reply to the client. Reading through different forums and blogs, I believe plain IPSec and L2TP over IPSec cannot work simultaneously. Is that correct? If so, what whould you recommend as protocol for Dial-In users on Win 10 - IKEv2? Can that work at the same time as the IKEv1 site-to-site connection? (I would prefer to use the Win integrated VPN client, as this is the only one available when the user logs into the laptop, I believe)
Also, do you have any experience with DNS resolution in that case, as I have had quite cumbersome experiences with DNS via IPSec on Windows 10.


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