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Hello everyone,
I'd like to ask two questions.
1st: Is it possible to set static IP's for devices that are connected to the router (like using it only as a firewall)
2nd: I'd like to open up different specific ports to allow access of specific services:
  • TCP 5000-5059, 5061-5100, 9999

  • UDP 5000-5059, 5061-5100

What would be the best way to do so?

I gotta say i'm far from being an expert with these things, so maybe it would be best if you tell me what kind of information you need to help me.

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    Hi @MasteringAcademy  

    If you would like to set static IP address for server, you can setup it in IP/MAC binding function.

    It will offer the same IP address to this server when server connect to USG.

    For allows specific service to internal server, you can setup NAT rules to forward the traffic.

    You can reference to FAQ to realize it.

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