NWA1123-AC-HD, Firmware upgrade - worth doing it ?

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I have x2 NWA1123-AC-HD access points running the following firmware :

Boot Module: v1.10
Current Version: V5.10(ABIN.2)
Released Date: 2017-10-02 01:56:28

On the downloads page I can see 2018/2019 versions but not the version I have. In the event that the latest had issues it would be good to downgrade back to the 2017 version. 

So the questions are :

 - Has there been any significant updates since 2017 that are worth upgrading for ? Better throughput etc..
 - Is it possible to downgrade from a later version is there are problems ?
 - is there an archive where I could get the 2017 version I had since it doesn't seem to be available for download ?


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    Hi @Karl666

    For the NWA1123-AC HD firmware version release which fix some bugs and add some features.
    I list some important enhancement and bug fix as below:
    1. Add Nebula Cloud support
    2. Add Proxy ARP support
    3. Add ZDP 1.8.3 support
    4. Enhance Setup Wizard
    Bug Fix:
    1. [eITS: 170800622] The AP will reboot when there are two stations playing YouTube in different VLANs.
    2. [eITS: 170900158] [Vulnerability] WPA2 protocol key reinstallation attacks
    3. [eITS: 171000202] It failed to use the wizard to change the security password.
    4. [eITS: 171001181] The NWA1123-AC HD showed soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck.

    Bug Fix:
    1. Fix QR code issue for Nebula Mobile APP on iOS

    1. Brand 2.0 GUI
    2. AP collects probe for rogue ap management and analytics
    3. support 8 languages.
    Bug fix:
    1. [eITS: 180100248] The iPhone stations can't get IP when there is more than one SSID in an AP and switch from one SSID to the other.
    2. [eITS: 180600077][eITS: 180100836][eITS: 180100837] The connection issues happen during roaming.

    1. Initial Setup Domain Name
    2. Smart Mesh

    Bug Fix:
    1. [SPR: 181203011][eITS: 181101197][Symptom] User connect the SSID with WPA2 password include space cannot pass the authentication.

    Bug Fix:
    1. [SPR: 180927314][eITS:180800297][Symptom] Connecting Apple TV to AP LAN port will cause the LAN port keep up/down. After some time, the uplink port of AP will be dead, and all the users cannot access the internet.

    The official website provide the firmware v5.35 to v5.46 download, it is includes the release note. 
    You can check the detail enhancement and bug fix with it.
    In general, the AP can be downgrade with old version, but we won't guarantee the AP status is still normal after that.
    The v5.10 is older version which has roaming issue and security vulnerability.
    We highly suggest the AP use the latest version to avoid the fixed issue happen.
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    Thanks for the answers. I noticed you mentioned there is a "smart mesh" feature in 5.45(ABIN.3)C0.

    I currently have both of my AP's setup with the same SSID to allow devices to move between them. The handover does not always happen smoothly though. Is "smart mesh" an option that can be selected from the menus to perform this action with having to try and tweak beacon strength and polling intervals manually ?

  • Zyxel_KathyLin
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    The Smart Mesh is a feature that use AP to extend the wireless coverage, like role of root and repeater.
    If you are interesting about Mesh, there is an application note for you to reference. 

    As you description, you have two APs with the same SSID and station connect the SSID switch two APs, it is called roaming.
    Your handover does not always happen smoothly though, I suggest you upgrade the FW to the latest because v5.35 has bug fix with roaming issue.

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    I've just flashed over the firmware. Thanks for your time

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    On a side note, I am thinking of buying a couple of NWA1123-AC-HD APs for my 2500 sq ft home. I'm curious what your experience has been... are you happy? Did you end up updating your firmware?

    Are you running in a home or a corporate environment? Thanks for any feedback!


  • RichardHan
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    I deployed two NWA1123AC-HD in my house two months ago, one in living room and the other in bedroom. (Places where I usually use my wireless devices.) So far the performance is good, it allows me watching Netflix on my laptop, and children playing online games. There is no lag or latency for the WiFi usage.

    Just make sure your AP is placed at the line-of-sight places when you using it, and it's better there is no obstacles between it and your devices. Before I put the AP in the cabinet and the WiFi is poor, things got improved after I put the AP on it.

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    Hello @Homelab

    Welcome to the WLAN forum! : )

    As your home size, it's a good choice to use a couple of APs. The indoor wifi coverage of NWA1123-AC HD covers over 15m distance without any obstacle. Two APs are flexible for your home deployment.

    We have a lot of SMB customer deployed NWA1123-AC HDs in their office for users checking mail, going website as Facebook, IG, Youtube...etc. They all has great wireless used experience, like @RichardHan 's shared case.

    By the way, we have a free platform called Nebula center control for you to managed two standalone APs. It is easy to use and free for most functions. Just create a account and register your device, you can managed them through Nebula controller center every where.

    The AP can also back to the standalone mode from NCC. You just need to unregistered the AP from NCC and reset the AP again. The AP will back to standalone mode again! Don't worry AP mode cannot be change~

    We recommend you try it !

    Please check the introduce of Nebula control center!


    If you have any question, welcome to ask us~