Printer can't join the network?

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Hi all

I have several networked build with WAC6103. Some location setup with an USG60/110/310 and some with NXC2500.
There is the same issue all over.

If I take a printer (HP PageWide, Epson, Canon etc, etc) and trys to connect it, it fails.
The HP PageWide gives most details - That Its see the same network name on more than one AP.
Therefor it can not connect to the network.

If I push one SSID out to one single AP, its fine and will connect.
As long as I have the SSID on more than one AP, its not working...

This have been on for some time now.
Does anyone have a real fix and not a workaround?

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  • livealive
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    Could you provide the configuration of NXC / USG60/110/310 for checking? and the network topology.
    What do you mean the same network name on more than one AP? Do you have any screenshot?
    Do you enable any features like layer2 isolation on the NXC / USG and so on?

  • Zyxel_KathyLin
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    Hi @Supportmand

    Please make sure that the controller version is latest and confirm the SSID security type if it is suit for the printer.
    As you said pushing one SSID out to one single AP, its fine and will connect. It seems the configuration has different between original configuration.
    I suggest you check 
    1. Controller version to the latest.
    2. Set the security type is same as successful case.
    3. Set the SSID VLAN same as successful case.
    4. Confirm the SSID traffic is pass.

    There might something error configurations in your controller to let printer connection fail.
  • Supportmand
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    Hi All
    Thank you for the replys.

    Before I giv any configs, I have some generel assumptions.

    This is an issue I have notits for more than 2 years ago.
    It does not matter if its the lates version, untill now it have not fixed anything.
    - The HP PageWide give a list off all AP's that it can see with the same SSID on.

    Topology: on one setup
    DrayTek 2960 -> GS2210-24HP, NXC2500, GS2210-48HP -> WAC6103 (32 AP's)

    Issue: Printer sees the network, but will not connect because its multiple AP's with same name.
    (I see this as the printer see all BSSID's)

    Config: - It's the same on USG and NXC.
    SSID: Office
    Key: Welcome - Encrypt: AES
    VLAN: 1, native.

    - All clients can connect, gets IP and network.

    If I push this on one single AP its working.
    -SSID: Office01
    Key: Welcome - Encrypt: AES
    VLAN: 1, native.

  • Zyxel_Panda
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    Hi @Supportmand 

    Thanks for your information, but those aren't enough to see the real issue root cause, we will PM/mail to you for checking more details.

    Zyxel CSO Panda