WAC5302 constantly rebooting

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We have the following setup in a customer installation
Zywall USG-40 as AP controller for 6 WAC5302 Accesspoints. A additional 4 AP license is installed on the USG.

Firmware for the USG is V4.33(AALA.0)
Firmware on the accesspoints is V5.00(ABFH.5)

The accesspoints are rebooting every 2..3 minutes.

In the logs, I get the following messages

No.  Date/Time           Source                 Destination         Priority            Category               Note                 Message

1    2019-06-08 18:07:19                        alert               capwap                                                   AP Disconnect. MAC:B8:EC:A3:1B:CC:FB,Name:AP-B8ECA31BCCFB,Reason:Idle in RUN State,Model:WAC5302D-S

2    2019-06-08 18:07:18                        

     AP Disconnect. MAC:B8:EC:A3:1B:D1:C7,Name:AP-B8ECA31BD1C7,Reason:Idle in RUN State,Model:WAC5302D-S

In the USG I get the following messages in the logs

Updated Configuration by a WLAN Controller Success. Partial Update

ERROR: #configure terminal no wtp-logging mail 2 category rtls level alert, Parse error/command not fou

ERROR: #configure terminal no wtp-logging mail 1 category rtls level alert, Parse error/command not fou

AP Receiving Updating ZySH Configuration from WLAN Controller.

For me - it looks like that the firewall tries to set some option in the Accesspoint which the accesspoint does not understand.

Could you please give me a tip on how to resolve this?

Thank you


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  • livealive
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    Do you have complete diagnostic log for checking?
    However I see there is a rtls-related logs by you provided (category rtls level alert,), did you enable rtls feature? if yes, is it possible to disable it for testing? 
  • Zyxel_KathyLin
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    As your log, the AP doesn’t support rtls related command.

    There is a AP’s DF for you to solve this issue.

    Please follow the FAQ and change the AP FW to the 540(.0)-DF-2019-05-23

    How to download a AP date firmware by a USG/Zywall with the cloud server?



  • Hello KathyLin
    The patch seems to be working. No more error messages for the WAC5302D. However I'd like to confirm in a couple of hours.
    As a side effect - CPU usage (and temperatures) have gone down.
  • Zyxel_KathyLin
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    Hi @SpaceCowboy

    Great! The firmware solved your problem and reduce the USG's CPU loading.
  • Hi KathyLin

    We are now getting every approx. 4 minutes the following alerts in red in the log of the USG40

    AP Disconnect. MAC:B8:EC:A3:1B:CC:FB,Name:AP-B8ECA31BCCFB,Reason:Idle in RUN 

    After about 2 minutes we get 

    AP Connect. MAC:BC:99:11:97:05:9F,Name:AP-BC991197059F,Model:WAC5302D-S


    Before the firmware update we did not get these messages.

    There no error or anything before the message in the USG. From the last disconnect / connect there were at least 2..4 client devices connected to the accesspoints. Is this normal behaviour?

    In the Accesspoint logs of the WAC5302D we get as an alert (in red) at around the time of the error in the USG

    App watch dog recover cron dead at the 1 time
    cron is dead at Mon Jun 10 10:11:29 

    Could you please look into this
  • Zyxel_KathyLin
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    Hi @SpaceCowboy

    Please receive my message in the mail box. Thanks.