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I'm currently running a bunch of enterprise switches in a home environment for training purposes. Therefore I'm interested in low energy consumption and noise levels (so also low heat dissipation), but still essential enterprise functionality (VLAN, QoS - especially with VoIP, data flow).

I already have a GS1910-24 running, which is passively cooled and uses sFlow (which is nice feature, but I've not found any good tools to visualize).

This one together with a Cisco switch should be replaced and I'm attracted by the Nebula cloud monitoring feature, which I expect would be a good successor for sFlow visualization (not that detailed, but better overview).

Since GS1910 is EOL, I have to decide between GS1900 and GS1920 (still staying on 1000BASE-T - 10GBps is still wasting energy).

Cisco is providing in their data sheets energy usage based on 0%, 10% and 100% traffic and a weighted average. This is especially interesting for PoE switches, since the total max. power consumption is not reflecting the real scenario with just a few 4W devices connected and so no efficiency metric.

So, I'm curious if you have more detailed power metrics especially for

  • GS1900-10HP
  • GS1900-24
  • GS1920-8HPv2 (heat dissipation is insanely high compared to GS1900-10HP)
  • GS1920-24v2

GS1900 would be a trade-off since no Nebula cloud, but more efficient.

Influence of SFP modules would be good to know as well (since spec says 3.3V with 300mA, I guess 1W is calculated per SFP into the max consumption usually?)

By the way, why has GS1910 series been discontinued?



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    Sorry, can this be moved? - I've accidentally posted to "Ideas".

    Alternatively, please treat as datasheet improvement idea...

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    One more question: Are the numbers from your list including SFPs? I would guess it is with all ports connected with 1Gbps devices, right?

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    Hello @kprueckl_dt

    Our full load test is where all copper & fiber ports inserted, SFPs are included.