VPN client for linux : trying with strongswan + network-manager

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Trying to establish client to site VPN connection from a linux desktop to the USG-210. On USG I've all setup correctly, since from windows I have no problem to connect.

I use stronswan + network manager, anything I do I end up with the following error:

server certificate does not match to ''

it seems to be related to the issue described here: https://wiki.strongswan.org/issues/963

but with network-manager I cannot set aaa_identity parameter.

Any other good VPN client /software for linux that is known to work to establish connections to zywall ikev2 VPN with certificate, and EAP phase1 with username and password?

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    Hi @phphil

    I think strongswan is the best software to configure vpns on a linux server/desktop.

    It seems your issue is about the certificate. I suppose you need to add the CA public certificate in the Linux certificate store ( /etc/ssl/certs) and/or in the ipsec certificate store (/etc/ipsec.d/cacerts)

    I hope it helps you.


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