[Release Note] Nebula Access Point Series - Phase 7.2 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Access Point Series 

Release Note

June, 2019

Supported Platform

Zyxel NAP102 V5.50 (ABDF.0)C0

Zyxel NAP203 V5.50 (ABFA.0)C0

Zyxel NAP303 V5.50 (ABEX.0)C0

Zyxel NAP353 V5.50 (ABEY.0)C0

Zyxel NWA1123-ACv2 V5.50 (ABEL.0)C0

Zyxel NWA1123-AC PRO V5.50 (ABHD.0)C0

Zyxel NWA1123-AC HD V5.50 (ABIN.0)C0

Zyxel NWA1302-AC V5.50 (ABKU.0)C0

Zyxel NWA5123-AC HD V5.50 (ABIM.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6303D-S V5.50 (ABGL.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6103D-I V5.50 (AAXH.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6502D-E V5.50 (AASD.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6502D-S V5.50 (AASE.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6503D-S V5.50 (AASF.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6552D-S V5.50 (ABIO.0)C0

Zyxel WAC6553D-E V5.50 (AASG.0)C0

New Feature and Enhancements

  1. Six WAC6100/6500 series 802.11ac APs (WAC6103D-I , WAC6502D-E, WAC6502D-S, WAC6503D-S, WAC6552D-S, WAC6553D-E) now support triple mode with 1 year Professional Pack license bundled, NebulaFlex Pro™, to be Nebula Control Center managed apart from previous standalone and hardware controller managed.
  2. Support sign-in with Facebook Wi-Fi on Nebula Control Center.
  3. RSSI threshold can be configured by per-AP basis on Nebula Control Center.
  4. Added Wireless Health feature to 11ac wave 2 and beyond series AP on Nebula Control Center.
  5. Added SSID name attribute in the redirected URL of external captive portal for 3rd party vendor integration.
  6.  DCS default behavior is changed to 'Scheduled, 03:00am, in all weekdays", and DCS interval is restricted to 60~1440 minutes on Nebula Control Center.
  7. Added Station Roaming logs to trace roaming event on Nebula Control Center.
  8. Added support NETCONF Call Home over TLS on port 4335 (RFC8071).
  9. Greatly reduce switching time to cloud mode of NebulaFlex & NebulaFlex Pro.
  10. Added the reason on cloud AP local GUI when AP cannot be managed by Nebula Control Center.


  1. After firmware upgrading, LED status may be incorrect.
  2. Client cannot pass MAC authentication with “MAC authentication expire” even the account is configured to never expire.
  3. AP Event log sometimes shows ”Empty Log - fix me quickly”.
  4. The AP cannot boot up successfully due to kernel panic issue with NWA1123-AC HD.
  5. Client without gain an IP address may not show on NCC client page.
  6. The NAP102 broadcasted initial setup SSID instead of configured SSID.
  7. The AP cannot be managed by Nebula Control Center but client can access Internet.

Patch 1 bug fixes(2019-07-05)

Non-frozen model including WAC6500, WAC6300, WAC6100, NWA1100 series, NWA5123-AC HD

  1. Guest network doesn't work on WAC6303D-S on cloud mode.
  2. Netconf connection log may display incompletely.

Patch 2 bug fixes(2019-07-24)

  1. Accumulated bugs fixed.

Patch 3 bug fixes(2019-09-30)

  1. Accumulated bugs fixed.


  1. NWA1123-AC HD, NWA1302-AC, NWA5123-AC HD, and WAC6303D-S do not support Smart Mesh in the current release.
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