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Hi there, we have been handed Zywall 310 Firewall

However I am not sure how to configure this, I can get onto the web interface but the rest is a little out of my wheelhouse.

We would like to place the firewall between two networks so

Network 1 --> Zywall --> network2

172.16.1.x --> Zywall -->10.255.1.x

to only allow certain ports. could someone point me to good material for this, I have looked for the manual but i can't seem to find a guide for this?

Forgive me if i missing something really obvious.

Best, Na

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  • NaUH
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    I would assume i would, as it stands we have decided to wait on this whilst i read the manual a bit more :P

    Thanks for all your advice

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @NaUH

    Is any VLAN required in your environment?

    How both of networks accessing to internet? Or just only intranet routing?

    Can you describe more detail scenario and topology of your requirement?

  • NaUH
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    Hi There!

    We have one server that has a service running on port 1822, this server has two nics one connected to the corporate network and one going into port p1 of the Zywall

    P2 of the zywall goes into juniper switch with a static IP of on the port and the server it is trying to reach is

    this is all ntranet routing no outbound connectivity

    So i need the server on p1 to be able to reach port 1822 on

  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @NaUH

    If your scenario is intranet and without any VLAN required, you can setup IP subnet on ge3 and ge4 then without additional configuration required.



    Juniper switch is connecting to ge3 and server is connecting to ge4 of ZyWALL310.

  • PeterUK
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    Might you need a firewall policy between the ports?

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