Firmware update USG310 - which one is latest version?

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I have message from my panel "Your Firmware 4.33(AAPJ.0)ITS-WK12-r87753 is up-to-date"

what is in looks like newest version. Should I use it? Why its not offered by updates from or from my device update?


  • PeterUK
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    The newest is 4.33(AAPJ.0) on

  • jasailafan
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    The firmware 4.33(AAPJ.0) on is the latest official firmware which is officially verified before released.

    433AAPJ0ITS-WK19-r88384 is the date firmware. Our local support told me it is built based on the official firmware 4.33(AAPJ.0).

    If new bugs are found after 4.33(AAPJ.0) is released, the bug fix will be merged to the date firmware.

    I suggest you consult Zyxel support before upgrading to the date firmware.

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