GS1200-8HP v2 and Management VLAN

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Hello. I've this problem, my management VLAN is 251 and VLAN 1 is not used. I cannot find the way to change the management VLAN from 1 to 251 on that switch. The firmware is update on latest version.

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    As I know, all GS-1200 series isn't able to change the management VLAN, only VLAN 1.

    If you want to change the management VLAN, GS-1900 8HP is capable of this feature.

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    This was done to GS1200 model (to have a management VLAN), can you please do it for this model also?
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    Hi there, 

    The following switches is now able to change management VLAN on Management page with the latest firmware version 2.00 :