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Hallo, I've some questions about ZYXEL VLAN switch parameters, which are not so common.

Over years I've worked with HP-Procurve, D-Link; Netgear and even ZYXEL Switches (1900 Series) with bigger VLAN configurations, but the XGS2210 series uses some uncommon vocabulary (so PVID is missing) and there is no real "How-To-Vlan Manual" for this Switches.

So I've to ask, maybe some one has tested some basic configurations and could tell me, which options to set for these basic configuration examples (in theory it's clear, but wich real paramaters to set is cryptically) :

  1. untagged device on port 1: incoming untagged packets should be tagged with VLAN11 and for outgoing packets the tag (VLAN11) has to be removed (missed PVID parameter); other packets should be blocked
  2. tagged device on port 2 (VLAN12): incoming tagged (VLAN12) packets should be forwarded, other packets (other VLANs or untagged) should be blocked; outgoing packets should be forwarded only if Tag VLAN12 is set, other packets should be blocked
  3. Trunk Config: TRUNK on port 3 (VLAN13, VLAN14, VLAN15): incoming tagged packets with VLAN13/14/15 should be forwarded, untagged packets should be tagged with VLAN100; outgoing packets wit VLAN TAG 13/14/15 should be forwarded, packets with VLAN 100: the tag should be removed

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    PVID exist; but no clearance about:




    • Ingress check?
    • Acceptable Frame Type?
    • VLAN Trunking?
    • Isolation?



    • CONTROL: normal/fixed/forbidden?
    • TAGGING: TX Tagging?

    How does it all work together, which settings are required to get my basic examples working?


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    Hi @cHIa

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    For VLAN application and configuration guidance on XGS2210 series, you can find in attached User's Guide (Ch.9 VLAN, page 106) and Handbook (2.1 How to configure the switch to separate traffic between departments using VLAN, page 37).

    Hopefully they are what you seek.