NWA1123-ACHD repeater mode


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    By standard, there is no relationship between 11k/v and authentication. what they do is just change the flag information inside wireless beacon. If station doesn't support these functions, it just negotiates with AP through original process (during roaming).

    Is the device keep connecting to the same AP when you executing the test? If so, there is even no roaming occurred.

    It would be great if we can further check what symptom is when issue occurs:

    1. EAP challenge from RADIUS server isn't forwarded by AP to stations
    2. Station didn't response to EAP challenge
    3. Station's EAP response aren't forwarded by AP to Ethernet

    You can collect the packets from AP's wireless and Ethernet interfaces, filter with "RADIUS" and compare them. Then we can check what's the reason cause to the issue.