[Release Note] Hybrid Switch GS1920v2 Series - Phase 7 new patch firmware has been released!

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Firmware Version on all models 

Zyxel GS1920-48HPv2 - V4.50(ABMK.5) | 07/23/2019

Zyxel GS1920-48v2    - V4.50(ABMJ.5) | 07/23/2019

Zyxel GS1920-24HPv2 - V4.50(ABMI.5) | 07/23/2019

Zyxel GS1920-24v2    - V4.50(ABMH.5) | 07/23/2019

Zyxel GS1920-8HPv2  - V4.50(ABMZ.5) | 07/23/2019


Bug Fix 

1. Switch will be disconnected from NCC when parsing abnormal logs.

2. When user saves one OUI entry for Voice VLAN, afterwards create a second one, all Voice VLAN configuration will not function.

3. When received a LLDP with incorrect length TLV, it may cause the Switch random reboot.

4. The default PoE configuration received from NCC will cause memory abnormal, afterwards using ZON utility scanning the switch may cause the Switch disconnect from NCC. (Only on PoE Models)

5. RSTP will gradually delay device system clock, causing the LAN IP and port status can’t display normally on NCC.

6. While the switch is saving configurations, performing firmware upgrade at the same moment will cause upgrade failure.


GS1920 firmware cannot be loaded up to GS1920v2 devices and vice versa.

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