USG60W wireless setup, not all clients can connect

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We have a USG60W installed in a small home office business. We are using the built-in wireless system (no access points), and we seem to be able to only connect about 10 wireless devices. When we try to connect additional clients, they try to connect but most fail, some will eventually connect but say there is no internet connection. I've tested these client devices on other wireless networks, and they work so it has to be a configuration issue.

We are using the USG60W for dhcp, and it has an address pool of 100 clients. It is connected straight to our internet provider and is the firewall/gateway. We used the wizard for basic setup. There is no domain server. We have a mixture of a few laptops, few cell phones and tablets, few streaming media tv's (and boxes).

Can someone give me a hint to were I should look to check the configuration?

Thank you in advance.

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    Hi @n00b ,

    As I test at local lab, it can connect more than 10 stations. It’s does not have limitation on station quantity

    Did it get the IP address from USG-60 when 11th station connect to Wireless network? And how about the link speed and signal quality on 11th device?

    Can you send me configuration file via private message, maybe I can help you to have quick test.


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