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I need to clarify whether the USG310 config is independent from each firmware slot or not. I see that when applying the config on say slot 1, slot 2 does not contain the same configuration.

If it is meant for these to be separate is their any way to copy the config across to each slot before rebooting? I am trying to avoid losing connection remotely to the router if the same config is not on both slots.


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    If slot one has V4.15 and slot two has V4.20 and your running slot one if you upgrade slot two to V4.33 it will take the running config from slot one and try to upgrade should it fail it should go back to slot one with that old config. So yes they are independent from what I have seen.

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    @PeterUK , thanks for the detailed explanation.?

    Hi @ZyxelGuyUK

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    Configuration file is independent on each firmware partition. It copy configuration file only in one condition, if you update firmware to stand by parathion, It will copy the current running partition configuration file to stand by partition. BTW, only certificate file is in share partition.

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