4.15->4.33 firmware SSLVPN and configs - USG310

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I am using over 50 USG310 routers and utilise the built in SSLVPN to connect to our branch office modems connected to each USG310. We use 4.15J3 on all routers and i have looked at 4.33 but i cannot see how to get the SSLVPN working as it used to. It suggests we need to purchase the new SSL VPN client? Is this correct?

Also configs are not compatible with 4.33 from 4.15, as i do not want to have to reconfigure the routers from scratch is their any way around this?


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    If you backup your config you can update to 4.33 and that should work from 4.15 if not you can reset to defaults and apply your config with “Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file” which should work their shouldn't be any main changes to stop it from working I think one of the main changes was with 1:1 NAT which if you used Virtual server or many 1:1 NAT your fine.

    You only need the purchase SSL VPN to have more that default connections for the USG310 but you may need to update the SSL VPN client you can get here.


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    Hi @ZyxelGuyUK

    The USG-310 SSL tunnel is 50 by default, you need to purchase extra license if you exceed the value.

    As for firmware update, it might have risk for firmware updating from V4.15 to V4.33 directly.

    In general, we would suggest to follow the firmware upgrade path V4.15 -> V4.20 -> V4.25 -> V4.30 -> V4.33.

    However, it will require more effort if you follow the firmware update path. 

    Can you send me your configuration file via private message? 

    Maybe i can help you to have a quick test about firmware updating from V4.15 to V4.33.

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    Only just seen the replies so thanks guys. I`m going to dig a spare USG310 out and try the update again. I`ll confirm asap with my findings and if needed send a config over :)


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