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As much as I know, the 2 product are very similar.

Actually I would like to know why I should buy a USG310 instead of ATP500...

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    Hi @GateArray

    Welcome to Zyxel Community. ?

    The difference as below,

    ATP series is Advanced Security, Zero day, unknown threat-sensitive business. 

    1)Hybrid Cloud Intelligence with Data-oriented Defense in Depth

    2)Default bundled, renewal by one pack for multi-layer protection

    USG series is All-in-one security solution, good for network protection. 

    1) Hospitality solution integrated 

    2) Single license, 4-in-1 bundled license renewal by users’ selection 

    3) Unbundled SKU for project demand to upgrade services flexible

    You can compare the detailed difference between both product from the link below.

    If you still have no idea, our region representative can help you to evaluate what series are suitable based on your requirement.

    ATP series:

    USG series:

    Where to buy: local representative

  • GateArray

    Thank you for the reply.

    I'm actually work for a Zyxel seller and .. you know... I have to understand well any kind of difference between the 2 series. Customer asking me why this, why that

    My thoughts is related to UGS310 and ATP500 specially.

    I guess the ATP500 could stay between USG210 and USG310 in term of performance, but the real question is:

    "Does the ATP500 has all the feature that USG310 has?"

    Reading the specs, the answer is "yes" (except for pure firewall SPI performance & hospitality solution).

    About service licences

    In Italy there is no access to a "single" service licence. Only the bundle for 1 year exist.

    In term of licences.... the cost of USG310 licences are very high compared with ATP500.

    So.... for the next customer I will push for ATP500 instead of USG310.

    The 310 is the right firewall just if you need integrated hospitality functions

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