HA Pro between 2 ZyWALL USG310

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I am trying to setup HA Pro between 2 ZyWALL USG310.

The setup screens for the HA configuration are the following:

As you see, it seems that there is a communication problem between the active and passive USG, even though whenever I make a change in the active firewall configuration, this is almost instantly transferred to the passive.

There is an Ethernet cable connecting the highest port (P8) of the two USG to the same VLAN and the active USG can ping the passive’s USG management IP (

Whenever I reboot the active USG, the passive assumes the active role, so it seems that HA is working ok.

I do not know why the active USG cannot see the passive’s health status and I think that HA is only working because of the timeout.

This is the configuration screen of port P8 of the USG:

Is there any configuration step I forgot to take?


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    Hi @dbastas

    It could be timing issue. Device cannot detect to each other, so the HA role jump back and forth. Some hints for HA pro initial settings, be ready for network cable before you enable both device HA pro. Once you enable HA pro on both device, you must connect network cable in short time.

    BTW, to avoid the HA role jump back and forth, you also can remove monitor interface and untick “Enable Failover when interface failure” when you initial the HA. 

    After the HA Sync complete, you can set back monitor interface and failover detection.

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