How do I configure a static ip on the device?

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We have been given a static IP by our provider. We are creating a VPN tunnel to another site. Site to Site. We have been successful by using the public IP address. I need to configure our VPN 100 (USG110) with the static IP.

The IP of the USG110 is That acts as our gate. How do I configure the static IP to connect with our internal network. ( By a route or by a bridge? And how do I do that?

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    Hi Bob,

    Does it mean the provider gives you the static IP address as the wan IP?

    USG110 wan IP-

    USG110 lan IP-

    Maybe you should post the topology and IP address of each interface here.

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    Here is the situation:

    Sparklight gave us Static IP of, gateway with subnet mask They installed a new modem for that. The modem is configured to receive a DHCP address (one of three, it is right now). That is our public address. They said that I have to configure the static IP on our USG110 with a bridge. Thinking about it the bridge must be from the USG110 to the cable modem. The DHCP address from the modem to the wan port on the USG is Our internal internet is How do I go about configuring this on our USG110 and why does Sparklight not just put the static IP on the modem. It seems a waste of IP addresses.

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    Hi @Bob

    In this scenario, you can set lan1 and wan1 to bridge interface.

    USG and Lan side hosts are in same subnet. 

    Lan side hosts get IP from upper layer router 192.168.0.X/24

    Create a bridge interface at “CONFIGURATION > Network > Interface > Bridge”

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