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I need help regarding a recommendation what to buy next.

I have a USG100. For the device the licenses are expiring and I can't renew them - so I need to replace it. The USG100 is a too big device for the company, but at the time there was no smaller option available. Today I would buy a USG40 or 60 and it would work well. Both devices are from 2014. Are they still any good for the next 5 years or better longer? The old USG100 got used for nearly 10 years. Otherwise there is the new ATP line. The smallest is ATP200. Is this device too much? I think a ATP100(?), which doesn't exists, would be great. Will there be a release of a ATP100? For the use case: we mainly want the UTM services, we have 3 Servers and 10 workstations, we need 5 people connection over IPSec. In addition we find the ATP service quite appealing.

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    ATP200 is the best choice.... if you have just 1 / 2 Wan connections and less than 30 Clients.

    It is a new product and the bundle for all the services is comparable with USG software licence (400 € 1 year)

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