Enable OpenVPN using app patrol with "Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels" that stops it - USG110

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Hi, I am using OpenVPN and in security policy and nat I set the port and the IP to redirect to.

When I enable app patrol, and use "Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels", it stop a lot of VPN, and also OpenVPN, but I must use it.

How can I grant access?

Someone can help me?



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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @flavioSV

    Open VPN is a kind of Tunnel service, it’s belong “Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels” this category. 

    Most of VPN service are in this category, please set to forward in APP patrol profile if you want to use OpenVPN service.

    Double click “Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels” and set to forward at “CONFIGURATION > Object > Application ”

    If you want to see what Application are in this category, you can check at “CONFIGURATION > Object > Application ”

  • flavioSV

    Thank for reply, but my problem is: I wanto to block all others VPN (that I see are in Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels) but I want to use only OpenVPN. If I set Forward, I think all VPN are forwarded. How can I block all and use only OpenVPN? Is it possible? Or.. is it possible to delete OpenVPN block from category "Bypass_Proxies_and_Tunnels"?

    Thanks again.

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