NWA-1123 ACHD - Dynamic rate limit assignment via RADIUS

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I am using NWA-1123 ACHD together with a RADIUS server to assign a VLAN based on the user accessing the AP. Unfortunately I have not found any way to dynamically also define a rate limit for this particular user. I know that this can be done SSID-wise, but it would be great to also have this ability user-wise (via some RADIUS attributes). Is there a way to do that or a plan to integrate such a feature? An alternative would be to have a rate limit based on the VLAN, but I have not found anything related to that.




  • Zyxel_Panda
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    Hi @Talkabout

    The standard for RADIUS attributes does not define the rate limit.

    Usually it is defined in VENDOR-SPECIFIC, non-STANDARD.

    We will put it in our feature request queue to decide whether to do it at the future firmware version.

    Thanks for your idea.

  • Talkabout
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    Hi Panda,

    yes, I was aware that this is not supported by RADIUS standard attributes, but as Zyxel already provides some vendor specific ones I was hoping that there already is something I can reuse. But thanks for picking this up as a feature request!