NXC5500 schedule-run only 1 slot

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i am a little bit confused. We have written a script to reboot all APs. Works finde. Fired it up using daily schedule.

schedule-run 1 reboot_ap.zysh daily 04:00

Now we want ro run additional scripts. What exactly does "1" mean?

schedule-run 2 something_else.zysh daily 05:00 won't work!

retval = -1

ERROR: Parse error/command not found!

So at the moment we are only able to run 1x script. Thought, 1 is Run No. and that it is possible to place more stuff in schedule-run

greetz Maik

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    Hi @Maik

    "1" which means the schedule-run index, but we only define 1 so far, I'll put it in our feature request queue to discuss whether to do it.

    Thanks for your idea.