NWA-1123 ACHD - Web Login via RADIUS/LDAP user

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Hi all,

the mentioned AP provides the ability to connect to a RADIUS server for Wifi authentication, but it does not provide the same way of authentication for management, why? Is there a specific reason? I am managing my users in an LDAP directory and would like to use that also to allow domain admins access to the AP management page. Is there a chance that this feature will find its way into the firmware?



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  • Alfonso
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    Hi all

    I second this idea.


  • Winnie
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    The AP in the managed mode doesn't has page, you have to configure AP by the controller.

    You should set the related configuration on the Nebula, not AP page.

  • Talkabout
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    Hi IKLe,

    I prefer the standard configuration mode as I do not want to rely on cloud services here. Also I think a deep integration into your own infrastructure can be done more secure that way. The only thing currently missing is the user management based on LDAP/RADIUS.


  • Zyxel_Panda
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    Hi @Talkabout

    NWA1123 AC-HD AP doesn't support web login by RADIUS/LDAP user, may I know your scenario/application for logging many RADIUS/LDAP users access to the AP management page?

    However, I'll discuss this matter internal and as you know that there is another case with rate limit via RADIUS attributes which you posted, as well as putting them in our feature request queue to decide whether to do it.

  • Talkabout
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    Hi Panda,

    this is not about logging in many users via LDAP but simply to keep the user configuration at one place (Active Directory). Having local users makes it difficult to maintain user credentials when somebody decides to change password. Also locking users is way simpler when you only have one directory where you need to do it :)

    Thanks for picking it up!