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Hello, i have a NXC2500 controller Fw version v5.40 (aaig.0)

and an WAC-6103D Ap

actually under this controller i have 11 ap model NWA3160-N perfectly working

i can not manage this ap and i don't understand why

it's been reconognize by the controller but no way to add in management, i attach the monitor and the logs about it

messages are : idle in init state or idle in disc state

any can help ? thank you

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    Hi @AleITSC,

    I see that there is an offline WAC6103D-I and its IP address is, Can you ping it and SSH to it successfully?

    Do all APs connect to same PoE switch or different?

    I'll will PM/Email to you.


  • Hi

    i can not ping it because it seems to managed, actually the ap bradcast correctly the ssid

    but i can not manage

    There are about 3 switch involved with vlan confiugred, but others ap works fine, very bizarre

    my email is

    thanks so much