How to install a new certificate on a zywall 110 with GlobalSign ?

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I have create a new CSR on our provider GlobalSign.

Common Name: *

Product: DomainSSLBase

Option: Wildcard SSL

Signing CA: RSA SHA-256 CA

Key Type: RSA

After this I create a certification request on my zywall 110 but impossible to put common name : *

So I putted

after this I imported the response certificate from globalsign but I have an error :

"Validation Result=incomplete path"

I have imported in "Trusted Certificates" intermediate and root certificate in SHA256 and SHA1 but I still have the error...

Can you help me to solve this situation ?

Best regards

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    Hi @Quenault ,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community. ?

    The USG does not support wildcard certificate at current design, but it is indeed in queue to be implemented.

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