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I use a USG60W and USG110. I want scan emails for viruses and spam. The emails must be transmitted with an SSL connection (port 995 / port 465) (GDPR). How is this problem solved?

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  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Antispam works on SMTP and POP3, it cannot scan SSL/TLS connection.
    Regarding to AntiVirus, it can scan smtps and pop3s. However, it need to install certificate on client and enable SSL inspection on USG since the SSL/TLS encrypts the content that is transmitted. 
    With the SSL inspection,  Inspection transparently unencrypts and re-encrypts traffic to allow AV inspect the content of SSL-encrypted connections.

  • So is antispam a waste of money if i want stick the GDPR?
  • ChrisGer
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    indeed with you - but Zyxel has no "UTM Ligth" packaes without AV/Spam scan in programm.
    And the option from the ZyXEL sales to say "buy each one you need" is not realy a solution and is more expensive ;(

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    Unfortunately we are also purchasing the bundle licence each year although not using the spam and AV detection for e-mails.
    But SSL inspection is not a solution for us since this would interrupt the end-to-end SSL encryption chain.
    Our e-mail traffic will be checked once with our ISP and twice at the local user machine where the e-mail client program is running. This should be sufficient.

    I'm with Christian, bundles without spam and AV should be offered by Zyxel as well.
  • Zyxel_Cooldia
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    Hi @ChristianG, @USG_User,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will take your opinion into consideration. :)

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