Port Role on 310 ..how to?

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On the ZyWall 110 it is easy to group ports in lan1, how to group in ZyWall 310?
I like to put 4 ETHPorts in the same lan?

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  • no Port Role in ZyWall 310 ..how to
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    Hi @Phoenix101,

    ZyWALL 310 doesn't support port group because it has LAG which is able to combine a number of physical ports together. It helps to implement the traffic to perform load balancing or failover features, depending on the scenario of connected switches.

    If you'd just like to put 4 ETHPorts in the same lan, simply add a bridge interface with the following interface properties.Then move the selected interfaces to "Member" and configure the IP address and DHCP setting.

    Interface type: internal

    Interface type: br1

    Zone: LAN

  • It works, Thank you!

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