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We have in our infrastructure some Zyxel sw model XGS4600-32, is already updated to the latest version (4.60) but still have problems of loss of access to the equipment, the network is unstable and with a lot of packet loss, after making console cable access sw reestablishes web access and drips again, we have another SW of the same model doing the redundancy and it has normal access, but has packet losses that reach 20% of the total sent and received , I would like to know what steps I should take in order to test where the problem is occurring, below some more information from the tests I did.

In the SW that lost full access, I removed equipment from all ports, directly connected my notebook to it and even then it does not respond, was restarted and does not resolve, but when access via console cable he simply returns to normal cable access.

Both SWs carry VLAN settings on their ports.

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    Did you check port interface whether have CRC error count? Did you swap another ethernet cable to verify cable issue?

    I suggest you can use command "show running-config" to export your configuration first.
    Then use command "erase running-config" to reset switch currently configuration back to default.

    After that, notebook connects to switch directly then check device management and packet forwarding is working or not.

    If it is working, the problem may relate configuration issue.