[Release Note] Zywall Series - V4.35 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Zywall Series 
Release Note
October 2019

Firmware Version on below models

USG20-VPN    USG20W-VPN        USG110    USG210 

USG40      USG40W    USG60       USG60W   

USG310     USG1100    USG1900   USG2200        

ZyWALL 110  ZyWALL 310   ZyWALL 1100 

New Feature and Enhancements

For more details, please refer to the below Link.


Notes for the latest security gateway firmware:

We've made some changes to better serve you. Please log into your myZyxel account to obtain the latest firmware, ZLD4.35 for ZyWALL USG security gateway. Moreover, you can also online upgrade the latest firmware from cloud helper on ZyWALL Series . Don't have an account yet? Sign up.

ZyWALL USG Series Firmware Upgrade Service Q&A


  • CDS
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    appearently my running 4.33 config is considered "bad" by 4.35 - of course without any indication why.
    What a great Job Zyxel! :s
  • mjr
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    Hi, I had a similar problem.

    My workaround (you should be at the location of the USG in this moment ;-)): after the upgrade to v4.35 - apply your saved v4.33-startup-config - "Ignore errors and finish applying the configuration file".
    compare the old v4.33 and the new v4.35 config to find the differences (in my case: it was a NAT-Rule). 
    I was able to add the missing NAT-Rule (with a shorter description).

    A case was opened, the problem is confirmed, a hotfix-FW is available from the Zyxel Support.

    BR, MJR