Zyxel USG60W - slow/fragile wifi, wired connection fast

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Hi, I have just set up the Zyxel USG60W in our office in place of our old router and the wifi speed is way beyond expectations. Let me start with some numbers first:

Internet speed (from ISP): 100/100 Mbit

Resting ping: 4-5 ms
Ping while measuring: 9-17 ms
Measured speed: 85/94 Mbit

Resting ping: 5-40 ms
Ping while measuring: 100-200 ms + packet losses
Measured speed: 15/79 Mbit

Speed test provider: speedtest.net (also tried different ones, results were similar)
Ping destination: google.com

I am using the 5GHz connection. Tried with 2.4 but the results were even worse.

The download speed leaves a lot to be desired. The upload speed is pretty good, BUT, while uploading, there's about 50% packet loss and the overall latency is horrendous. When running the tests, all devices connected via wifi are affected. For example, I am measuring ping on my laptop and run the speed test on my mobile device - the laptop's internet connection deteriorates significantly, it experiences the same packet loss.

But when connected via cable, I see no change in the connection speed or quality when running the tests.

As for the wifi setup, I did not do anything out of the ordinary. I first configured the wifi using the easy mode wizard. That worked, but was slow. After that I made both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks utilize 40MHz channel width, just to try something, but no change.

I have tried following this suggestion, no luck. Same with this one.

What are some further steps I can take to improve the quality of the wifi?

Note that with our previous router, the wifi download speeds would reach 50 Mbit, so the upstream bandwidth is there.

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