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Our USG20 was mysteriously reset to factory defaults.  Is there a log in the device that shows when this occurred?

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    Hi @mweidlick

    Welcome to the forum.

    What a strange thing.

    CLI command "show system-information" will show you the uptime.

    I suggest to change admin password and upgrade the device to the last software.

  • mweidlick
    Thanks for the reply.  By "mysteriously", I meant a user almost certainly used the rest button to reset the device.  Our internet connection was down and we assume an overly zealous employee thought resetting the device would fix the issue.  I'm hoping to determine when the reset was used.  The router is now reconfigured, so the uptime has been reset several times.
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    Hi @mweidlick,

    Go to MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics > Diagnostics > Collect and click Collect Now.

    After the collection is done, download the file at MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics > Diagnostics > Files.

    Extract the tar file and open diag_zysh_common.dbg to find the oldest system log.

    The time you press the RESET button is 1-2 minutes prior to the time flag.

    In this example, I press the RESET button at 15:53. The time flag of the oldest system log is 15:54:25.

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