Quick overview videos of Zyxel surveillance switch!

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Zyxel’s new Surveillance Switch is designed with specialized hardware and software features for surveillance applications in mind. Its three major unique features: Extended Range Mode, Auto Camera Recovery and Continuous PoE bring clear benefits to surveillance vendors for easy installation, truck-load reduction, and network reliability.

Here are the short videos to give you a quick introduction on Zyxel surveillance switch and its specialized functions, watch them now!


Introducing Zyxel Surveillance Switch: https://youtu.be/vGWrFPjhL84

Extended Range Mode: https://youtu.be/lvKnA0F1jbo

Auto Camera Recovery: https://youtu.be/3cZMtsOT7nc

Continuous PoE: https://youtu.be/Yn4qp17ghjY


If you are interested in the new Zyxel surveillance switch, visit HERE for more information.