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Good afternoon,
I tried to create a VPN between a USG 310 with firmware 4.33    and a USG 300 with firmware 3.30 (2015 the last one available for USG 300) , follwing your instruction about VPN - Setup Wizard   -  SIte to Site with  public static IP for both the  Zyxell USGs.    
But when I try to connect , I get always a massage  of  Dial IN Time Out.   
Is it possibile to connect  via  VPN  USG 310 and 300    or thereis a firmaware upgrade problemm  (different realease of firmware)   ?  
Thanks in advance for your help 

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    IMVHO should be possible, only you have to doublecheck every settings into gateway and tunnel section.
    I'm using USG60 (4.35) to connect via IPSec to USG20 (3.30), USG20-VPN (4.35), USG40 (4.35).
    And USG40 (4.35) to USG20 (3.30)
    Anyway: be sure to have the latest firmware available for every device.

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    Hi. This is possible. We have many USG1000 connected to USG1100.
    First, check in log ike section during ipsec tries to connect. If you see error like "no proposal chosen" - this is differents in vpn configs. USG310 must be in IKEv1.
    Than check phase settings in advanced settings.

    They must be the same on both sides in vpn gw & vpn connections settings. By default, v3.30 has more less settings.
    And finally, check that 1 ZW has access to another by ipsec ports.

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