What’s New for ZLD4.35 on ATP Series

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Thank you for choosing Zyxel ATP series. Zyxel is committed to continue updating your devices for the most advanced features! This latest release further enhances ZyWALL ATP Firewall's network protection including:


1.       New Feature: Reputation Filter Service

2.       Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Support for admin

3.       Microsoft Azure VPN Certified

4.       SecuReporter Advanced Analytics Support

5.       Wireless AP improvements


1.    New Feature: Reputation Filter Service

A cloud service in Zyxel Security Cloud that matches up with real-time cloud database that tracks malicious cyber activities and determine if the target address has high risk to be blocked.

In 2017, a single malicious IP was responsible for more than 400,000 phishing websites which easily made victims of watering hole attacks according to 2018 Webroot Threat Report. Reputation Filter can quickly identify if the connection is risky before you visit a website or online service.


Reputation Filter uses minimal hardware utilization to achieve better blocking efficiency, which gives you a peace of mind in handling your office work and keep your workspace safer than ever.

How to Enable Reputation Filter?

1. After upgrading to ZLD4.35, go to Security Service -> Reputation Filter

2. Enable IP Blocking as below and select the Types of Cyber Threats you want to block, and click the “Apply” button. 

2.    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Support for admin

Secure your administrative account by providing Email and SMS option to deliver verification code for authentication.

3.    Microsoft Azure VPN Certified

ZyWALL ATP series is one of the few in the market, to have both Microsoft Azure and Amazon VPC certified. Delivers unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and convenience to SMBs with hybrid networks (on-site and cloud-based infrastructure).

4.    SecuReporter Advanced Analytics Support How to Activate?

Add Sandboxing, botnet filtering and IP reputation analytics. These form the backbone of a comprehensive threat analysis, with these enhanced capabilities, users can easily run forensic reports, identify botnets, discover which internal host has been compromised and identify which threat is attacking the network.

5.    Wireless AP improvements

- With AP Controller 3.40 which supports the new wave2 11ac access point (NWA5123-AC-HD, WAC6303D-S, WAC6552D-S)   

- 802.11r/k/v support for wave2 11ac access point

Release Date: October 24th, 2019

Supported Models: ATP100/ATP200/ATP500/ATP800


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    I need some "special" Settings on your AP who are aviable do to a custom FW from the Forum here. But for General Maintain all AP I need to get the Settings Change in the ATP (200) to.

    Who can make this changes to be "patched" constantly?


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    Hi @Username_is_reserved,

    Do you need to download AP's date firmware from ATP?

    What it the full version name of the AP's date firmware?