XyWall 110 CPU reading is at 99%, is this normal?

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Hello there

Sorry if that question might be stupid but I don't have that much experience with XyWall Firewalls.
While accessing the firewall to do something regarding the VPN I noticed that the CPU reading was at 99%. This struck me as very odd. Any ideas on why this could be? The LAN had no active users (all computers were ons standby) and nobody was connected to the VPN and as far as I know there are no other CPU heavy services set up active on the firewall. Checking the activity log I only had




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    Well, to answer my question: No it is not normal. Seeing that my firewall was up for over 700 days I decided to restart it, which took one hour. Now the CPU is back at 1% and it's doing its job as usual. While I don't know what exactly made it run so high, restarting the firewall seems to have solved the problem.

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    Hi @NickArt,

    The CPU usage shown on the dashboard is CPU core 0 only.

    To monitor the status of each CPU core and what application consuming the related processing power, go to MAINTENANCE > Diagnostics >CPU/Memory Status.

    If the percentage of Network Traffic is high, follow the guide in the FAQ to check the traffic loading.

    How can I be sure that the CPU high usage is due to heavy traffic loading?

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