USG20W-VPN - cannot edit AP Object Profile

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Hi there , I have updated the firmware on our USG20W-VPN box to the latest firmware (4.35 ABAR .0) and the Wifi is a lot more stable. It still drops out every day but I can handle that for the moment. What I cannot do is edit the AP Profile. When I go to 'Configuration...Object..AP Profile..' and try to edit the 5G profile ( which I'm using) I get a message telling me that the configuration can only be edited min easy mode. I have looked and there is no way that I can see to edit the AP profile in easy mode. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

moon moth

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  • moonmoth
    moonmoth Posts: 16  Freshman Member
    Accepted Answer

    OK...looks like I can edit the other 5G profile. I will try that instead.


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  • k1601
    k1601 Posts: 3

    Yes, as I understand in the new firmware these profiles specially "only for the easy mode". If need something different - need to create a new AP profile.

  • moonmoth
    moonmoth Posts: 16  Freshman Member

    Yes, turns out that I needed to edit the other 5g profile. Sorted.

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