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Hey Zyxel community,

my client moved to another the internet supplier (Telekom IPv4 to Vodafone IPv6).

The router is a Fritz!Box 6490 cable. The USG110 is connected to the Fritz!Box via WAN1.

We need to connect to a raspberry - from outside the network - which is connected to the USG110 via the Zxel GS2210-24LP Switch.

When we connect the raspberry directly to the Fritz!Box we can connect via IPv6.

But when the raspberry is connected to the switch behind the USG110. There is no connection possible. The IPv4 port forwarding worked without any problems but I don't know what I have to change for the IPv6 port forwarding to get it worked.

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    Port forwarding is for IPv4 NAT scenario. IPv6 run on routing mode, no port forwarding in this scenario. I think you should check if raspberry can get IPv6 address correctly first.

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