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I have two GS1920 switchs and I am trying to segregate into 3 seperate vlans. The vlans have been created on a GS1920, I have 2 DHCP servers från differents routers. I wish to connect the router to the switch along a single port (24) in the switch and then send it to from port (4) to another switch port (2) which should accept both DHCP. They should no see each other Lan !



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    Hi @Paulo

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    First, I assume both of your routers can recognize VLAN tagged packets.

    Based on your scenario, you will need two different VLANs to separate the traffic.

    Here is a configuration example (using VLAN 2 & VLAN 11),

    On GS1920-1,

    VLAN 2:

    fixed port 4,24

    tagged-out port 4,24

    VLAN 11:

    fixed port 4,12

    tagged-out port 4,12

    On GS1920-2,

    PVID 11 for port 3

    PVID 2 for port 4

    VLAN 2:

    fixed port 2,4

    tagged-out port 2

    untagged-out port 4

    VLAN 11:

    fixed port 2,3

    tagged-out port 2

    untagged-out port 3