IPSec VPN - unable to connect any other VPN

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At first: I installed the newest firmware 4.35(AAKZ.0). After trying 3-4 hours checking and changing configurations on both sites, I downgraded to an older firmware, but is doesn't help also.

So my case and situation:

My router is connected to a Telekom Sagem Router operating in bridge mode. So I'm getting directly the public IP, which is theoretically not, but by praxis fix. For this case I have a DDNS, which "shows" to the correct address. (But I tried with the IP "behind" also directly: It is permanent for longer as some weeks...)

I'm unable to use none of my 3 exiting and until now well functioning IPSec VPN's: Connection cannot be established. 
All connected routers are Zywalls: USG-40, USG60 and USG110.

USG60 and USG110 are at a provider both connected to a dedicated server-hardware with Windows, both with a static IP assignment. 

I describe only my USG60W and the USG110 (FW 4.33(AAPH.0)) configurations. (I daren't update to 4.35: there are other clients, can connect to USG110).

1. Gateway settings at USG60W 

2. Gateway settings at USG110

VPN connections are defined site-to-site, USG60W (nailed up):

On USG110 are local and remote policy subnets right, and the phase 2 settings the same.

In the IKE-Log on the USG60W site I'm getting:

Any idea to solve the problem?


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